Scuba Diving Will Not Adversely Affect Your Eyesight
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Scuba Diving Will Not Adversely Affect Your Eyesight

Scuba Diving will not have an adverse affect on your eyesight but without a properly fitting mask you will not be able to focus properly under water.This is due to the fact water affects light differently than air does and under water objects appear to be larger and closely than they really are.If you wear glasses or contact lenses this is no deterrant to scuba diving as you can purchase prescription scuba masks for a reasonable price.

Going scuba diving will not have any ill-effects on your eyesight and even if you enter the water without a diving mask or goggles and find your vision is blurred and out of focus it is nothing to worry about.As soon as you get back on dry land your eyesight will be back to normal.

Water bends light differently to air and light in water distorts what you see, objects appear to be larger and closer than they really are,a bit like the distorted mirrors you find at fairgrounds.You will also find your hand-eye co-ordination will not work as efficiently as they do on dry land.

That is why it is always best to wear a scuba diving mask whenever you go diving,for snorkelling you can get away with a pair of goggles.Scuba diving masks rise high and go across the forehead and come down low almost to the bottom of the nose.Modern diving masks are made of soft silicone so they will not deteriorate and the face seal keeps them watertight.

Having poor eyesight does not prevent you from enjoying scuba diving.If you wear spectacles or contact lenses you can get a prescription scuba diving mask and it is not safe to wear your contact lenses when diving.You do not have to pay a lot of money for a prescription scuba diving mask,in the UK you can pick one up for £55 including lenses.

Scuba diving masks provide a pocket of air in front of you that allows light rays to travel to and through your eyes and enables them to focus more precisely under water.

Some facts you need to know about Scuba Diving Masks.

Scuba Masks are different to any other diving masks and they are an important part of the diver's equipment.A scuba mask is made of stronger material than goggles or surface-swimming masks and are designed to withstand the pressures of going down deep below the ocean's surface.

A Scuba Mask must enclose the diver's nose not only to prevent the water going up it but to equalise the air pressure in the mask as the diver descends.It will also prevent the mask suctioning itself on to the diver's face which can be very painful.

The primary purpose of the scuba mask is to enable the diver to see clearly,a diver can swim without a mask and breathe underwater through the air tank but without the mask they will not be able to read the pressure gauge or see hand signals from other divers clearly,which is a vital safety issue.

Scuba masks need to fit properly and people have different shaped heads and faces so it is important to make sure the mask fits and is comfortable before you buy it.

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